We have fully complied with the quality standards set by the international manning and crewing industries.  As such, we are the first Manning Agent in China, amongst all of China’s Manning Agencies, to be awarded the first Chinese SRPS Qualification Certificate (No. HYWP02 001) in December 2012.  Over and above, we have fully complied with the DNV/GL ISO 9001:2008 Management System Certificate  on Manning and Crewing matters. We are a SRPS licensed company registered with the Singapore’s MARITIME PORT AUTHORITY.

We have established a very strong recruitment network in China with branch offices located in WUHAN, DALIAN, SHANGHAI, SHENZHEN and RIZHAO.  Our high quality Officers and Crews are the pride of the company!   Do contact us for interviews with them!

Contact : Ms Zhu Pei Pei
Tel: +65 6586 0948
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