Our Teams are categorized into three main teams to serve you better and as follows:

International Business Department

(International Clients)

We have an expanded outreach to major international ship owners and ship management companies based in Singapore, Hong Kong and the regions.  The span of international clients include big names in the shipping industry.  This department handles all our international clients accounts’ needs ranging from recruitment, selection and deployment, and signing off matters.  Our expert team of crewing professionals takes care of the smaller but yet important details like verification of seafarer certifications, running checks on all seafarers employed and making sure all crew are properly briefed. They also look into seafarers’ personal needs and details and in turn helps keep our professional crews happy and totally focused on the job in hand.

China Business Department

(Chinese Full Set Manning Clients)

This department handles our full set manning needs primarily for our clients in China.  Full set manning is becoming a preferred choice for many Chinese shipowners.  Our team of professionals is well equipped to better serve both the owners and seafarers needs and at the same time complying with the local regulations.

Cruise Lines Department

(Cruise Liners Clients)

With the flux of cruise liners coming to China, cruise trips are becoming increasingly popular with Chinese tourists.  The high demand of hotel and catering staff keeps the team busy in meeting the cruise liners’ needs for quality personnel.  This department’s experienced professionals are responsible for recruitment, selection, training and deployment of the hotel and catering staff.”