19th February, 2018

The casual atmosphere was filled with smiles and positive energy when the Singapore Directors and staff met with the President of Singhai Marine Services Group, Terence Zhaowei.  Occasion: the annual meeting to sum up the past year’s achievements and to chart the new course for the year.

Terence thanked all the Directors for making a huge and positive impact to the group of companies’ performances last year. Although last year business results were good by many measures, there are still more business opportunities to capitalize in the coming year.

“Singapore business activities are the dynamo of the Group’s operations and will continue to be for a long time, and provided all pull in the same direction and towards the same objectives”, said Terence.

He continued, “For the coming year, all Singhai Marine Services departments have to stay focused and be more customers oriented; and that is, to better understand the existing clients’ needs and provide premier value add services.”

“Although some of our major clients are now on austerity drives, they have entrusted almost all their Chinese seafarers to us for consolidated management of their crews. In other words, we are now their Choice Service Provider and this is something that we must cherish and never to lose this trust,” said Terence.