Ship detentions at Chinese ports soar – SEATRADE MARITIME NEWS

12th February, 2018

On 8 Feb 2018, Athens, Greece,

Mr Terence Zhao Wei,  President and Group MD of Singhai Marine Services made a high impact presentation in the CAPITAL Link’s  Greek Shipping Forum (2018), urging the Greek Shipowners to pay particular attention to their port state control inspections regimes. A captive audience of more that 1000 participants were updated and made aware of the need for careful and detailed preparations in order to fully comply with the inspections requirements, least risking a ship detention in the Chinese Ports.

There is a nicely written article featured in Seatrade Maritime News dated 12 February 2018, in which you can visit the weblink for more news reporting.

Reproduced with permission from: Seatrade Maritime News

“With greater numbers of ships calling in Chinese ports daily, it is perhaps not surprising more ships are being inspected and more and more ships are being detained.

But in step with the increase in traffic, the Beijing government “has become very strict” on matters of safety, security, and the environment, “putting big pressure on owners” the Greek Shipping Forum was told, 8 February.

“The rate of detentions is very high in China compared with the Paris and Tokyo Port State Control regimes,” Terence Zhao, president of Singhai Marine Services, told the Capital Link forum. “The number of inspections being carried out is also much higher, with one ship in 10 inspected in some ports being detained,” he said.”

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