Summary of 2016. Thinking Aloud – 2017

9th December, 2016

Thinking Aloud – an opinion

It was indeed a stormy maritime year; felt globally and impacted locally.  We witnessed the demise of some shipping giants both locally and internationally.  Undoubtedly the main focus was on the poor revenues.

Was it due to the intense competition among big players in the price wars, or the huge surplus of ships, or the contraction of world trade, or a case of over- optimistic expenditures in anticipation of the economic recovery?  Could it be a combination of the above and more?  Whatever it was, shipping has to continue as it carries 90% of the world trade….



In this feature, we highlight the silent warriors – the people who makes Singhai Marine Service functions around the clock.  Their contributions are by no means small; let’s have a peek at their aspirations and the lighter side.