International Safety at Sea

30th August, 2016

The 3rd International Safety at Sea Conference was hosted by MPA Singapore from 30 – 31 Aug 2016. It was launched by the Singapore’s Minister for Transport who emphasized the importance of safety of seafarers as well as the safety of ships at sea. A commemorative training video was produced, with the efforts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, for the safe navigation passage through the Malacca and Singapore Straits.

The conference key note address was delivered by the new IMO Secretary General, Mr Kitack Lim. Mr Lim mentioned that seafaring is indeed a dangerous occupation and his primary aim as the Secretary General is to ensure that safety at sea remains a key focus. IMO is stepping up efforts by re-examining the key safety conventions and codes to make seafaring safer than before.

Safety at sea 2

In the coming months, there are several high level meetings to address safety by thoroughly reviewing the Polar Sailing Codes, SOLAS 2020 and safety related codes. Smart Ship Technology has been rapidly introduced into shipping, and therefore seafarers must not only cope with, but able to control and master new technology to their advantage. Failure to do so may result in catastrophic consequences.

Accidents still happens and are largely attributed to human element component. Towards this, competencies training should be the order of the day.

In concluding, Mr Lim stressed that seafarers are indispensable to shipping and therefore the shipping industry should provide an all-round development of the seafarers. Good in-house training and motivation are critical success factors for the shipping industry.

International Safety at Sea

Mr Kitack Lim (Secretary General of IMO) with Mr Khaw Boon Wan (Singapore Minister of Transport) viewing the exhibition booths.