IMO’s plans and visions

30th August, 2016

In the MPA Academy Distinguished Speaker Series, Mr Kitack Lim, the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) took the stage to provide his insights on what the IMO’s plans and visions would be in the coming future. Addressing an audience of international delegates, governmental officials and select shipping audience, Mr Lim stressed the need for Capacity Building and Communication will be his primary aim to foster better relationship with member states.

He highlighted that there are more than 50 key Conventions in force but the implementation processes are not uniform. While the majority of the member states can comply, some are not able to ratify due to internal challenges and lack of resources. Towards this, Mr Lim suggested that member states can form collaborative groups to assist one another in achieving the desired common end state. The second important focus is that he would like to see Communications channels be improved. Language barriers still exist and this has to be quickly overcome in order to have a common understanding on policy matters. He also gave insights on the “Big Data Management” initiative, where reports and statistical data can be better analyzed and trending established for better decision making.

Before he conclude, he took on a range of questions from the audience who wanted to know about how seafarers can be better treated, conventions can be made more flexible, compliance to the COP21 and the Polar Codes.

In summary, Mr Kitack Lim has an array of challenges in his current job and he hoped that with the close cooperation and collaboration of the shipping community, the IMO can serve them better.