A New Beginning

8th March, 2016

 From the desk of the Managing Director, Terence Zhaowei

Dear Valued Clients and Friends of Singhai Marine Services.

Last year, 2015 was a landmark year for our company as we celebrated the 10th ANNIVERSARY of our formation in Singapore. I started the company from a zero base and worked relentlessly in the pursuit of providing the best quality Officers and Crews from China to the international shipping companies based here in Singapore. Our company grew from strength to strength with the support of our long standing Customers, our loyal Seafarers and our commitment to provide the best returns for your Human Capital – the Officers and Seafarers.

Indeed time has quickly caught up with us and it’s coming to an end of the first quarter of the New Year of 2016. We cannot afford to stay stagnant or rest on our past achievements and successes. We are focused on how we can serve our Clients better.

Towards this objective, I have commissioned Shi Dai Xing Bang, a reputable Beijing Management Consultancy Company to improve our service standards, re-align our organizational structure and staying connected with our clients. We will give our clients much more in service satisfaction.

I wish you all well and share with you more news about the company’s development.

Our new beginnings…..

Greetings and welcome to our first issue of the English Newsletter for Singhai. This is our quarterly newsletter where we endeavor to connect with our Clients and Seafarers on what is happening in and around our company and also in the manning industry. Your views and
contribution to this newsletter is highly encouraged. For our first issue, we chose an auspicious date to launch this newsletter – 8 March 2016. In our subsequent issues, we will include more training and HR and finance matters. Happy reading.