SINGHAI MARINE SERVICES (Singapore) Pte Ltd was incorporated on 6 August 2004. Following a successful start, SINGHAI MARINE SERVICES (Shanghai) Co Ltd was founded in Shanghai on 13 April 2005 and became its Headquarters.


Provide full set manning and crew management services for all types of ship.


We have fully complied with the quality standards set by the international manning and crewing industries.


We are cognizant of the need for multinational crews especially in the cruise lines and international shipping industry.


Searching for the correct fit for your shore management positions?


Education and Training is the key to success in a professional Crewing Company like ours.


26 October

Attending the TradeWinds Shipowners Forum Singapore – September 2017

It was a great event attended by Singhai Marine Managing Director, Mr Terence Zhao Wei and Business Development Director, Mr Johnny Sim. The speakers lists include: Tan Beng Tee, Assistant Chief Executive (Development), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) James Marshall, CEO Berge Bulk Michael A.J. Parker, Global Industry Head, Shipping, Logistics and Offshore […]

14 September

Delivering Quality Service – September 2017 Issue

Clients are precious to us.  It is precisely because of them that we have a reason to operate.  Although it is difficult to get new clients, it is not difficult to lose existing clients if we are not in tandem with their needs.  How should we manage them?  We feature an article on how we […]

27 July

SINGHAI MAGAZINE – Issue Number 16

Dear Business Associates, Friends and Colleagues of the Singhai Marine Services’ Family, We are pleased to present our company magazine (Issue 16).  It features our company’s events for the past 6 months, and this time round it is published in both in English and Chinese. Happy reading and we look forward to your feedback and […]

20 July

A Video Blast of the 4th SOMC – Shanghai

19 July

HOTTEST event in SHANGHAI – 4th SOMC 2017

11 July 2017, Shanghai, China. The Fourth Senior Officer Management Conference starts off in the passionate warmth of the seasons. In their cool causal polo-t shirts, forty one Top 4 Officers from 16 companies gathered in Singhai Marine Services (Shanghai) office for the next three days to confer on four main topics of interests, and […]

19 July

Mid Year Review 2017

How do we fare for the past six months?  Did we meet our mid-year targets? What is there for the next 6 months?  These are the questions that gaze at us in the Mid-Year Review Conference, chaired by the Group Managing Director, Mr Terence Zhaowei on 14 July 2017. It was a great and refreshing […]

6 July


Change has indeed been taking place as we speak.  Change must impact us as a necessity for the betterment of our working systems; in something which we have painstakingly implemented in our work. The 5I systems is now in its’ first full year of implementation.  We have seen improved operational results in audits and customer […]

15 March

A New Look for Volume 2 issues – Editorial Board

. CHANGE IS A CONSTANT For this new layout and in the first page, I have chosen an ominous photo of a rising sun with a vessel in the forefront.  As a season seafarer myself, I am somewhat a superstitious type.  A good omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed […]

9 December

Summary of 2016. Thinking Aloud – 2017

Thinking Aloud – an opinion It was indeed a stormy maritime year; felt globally and impacted locally.  We witnessed the demise of some shipping giants both locally and internationally.  Undoubtedly the main focus was on the poor revenues. Was it due to the intense competition among big players in the price wars, or the huge […]

9 September

Singhai Newsletter

We are delighted to announce the signing of the Crew Management Agreement for three of Hong Lam Marine’s vessels on 1 Sep 2016.



I hope for Singhai to keep moving forward and strive for greater achievements.  Wishing for Singhai to blossom and enjoy even better years to come.


Capt Zhang Yu Jie

Operations Manager, Ocean Tankers Pte Ltd


We started working with SINGHAI ten years ago probably is Singhai’s first customers. Singhai has managed to achieve a high retention rate of the sea staff. This is one of the most important KPI we set for our crewing agencies. I must say that Terence and his team has been doing a great job. They are able to deliver the stringent KPI year after year

Capt Lee Chee Seong,

Head of Global Marine Ops, APL Ship Management

I feel safe with them (Singhai Officers) onboard and that is the most important thing.


Capt Atal Panjiar

Master Eagle Columbus

There is a degree of loyalty and commitment amongst the Chinese seafarers (Singhai Marine Services) to their employers.


Capt Andreas Xapolytos

Managing Director, Columbia Ship Management Singapore

It has been a pleasure working with Singhai Marine Services over the years and you have delivered high quality professional service. Over the last 10 years, you have grew from strength to strength and has always embodied H.E.A.R.T. in all that you do.


Capt Fared Khan

Director Fleet Personnel, WALLEM Shipmanagement Services